Does your central PA commercial business have a parking lot? Got an asphalt driveway on your residential property? You might not have thought about it, but your pavement needs adequate drainage to remain in good condition.

That’s why you need the help of Pennsylvania’s trusted concrete paving contractor: Pro Seal Asphalt Maintenance Inc. Our skilled team ensures your paved areas remain safe and beautiful with drainage services like catch basin repair, storm drain installation, and more.

Asphalt Drainage: Storm Drains, Catch Basins, and More.

Whether you’re responsible for a driveway, parking lot, or commercial roadway, effective pavement drainage is essential for keeping your surfaces dry, safe, and long-lasting. We’ve compiled seven critical tips to keep your pavement in top condition:

  1. Grade for Success: Properly grade your pavement to ensure it slopes away from structures and vulnerable areas, preventing water pooling and damage.
  2. Regular Maintenance Matters: Address cracks, holes, and worn areas promptly to prevent water penetration and further damage to your parking lot or driveway.
  3. Smooth and Properly Sealed Surfaces: Get sealcoating regularly to reduce water penetration by acting as a moisture barrier.
  4. Install Effective Drains: Strategically position trench drains, catch basins, or French drains to divert water from high-traffic areas.
  5. Permeable Pavement Options: Consider environmentally friendly, permeable asphalt options that allow water to pass through, minimizing runoff and preventing flooding.
  6. Routine Cleaning: Keep drainage systems clear of leaves, debris, and dirt by cleaning drains and gutters regularly, especially before the rainy season.
  7. Trust the Professionals: While some tasks can be DIY, consulting experienced paving contractors for catch basin repairs ensures that your specific drainage needs are met with practical solutions.

What We Can Do for Your Asphalt
Our pavement drainage and concrete paving solutions prevent erosion, structural damage, and flooding caused by precipitation and runoff by controlling water movement and diverting it away from vulnerable areas. Our paving contractors provide versatile repair and installation solutions for various properties, from grading before parking lot construction to emergency catch basin repairs on a private roadway. Our expertise extends to professional grading, utility work integration, and prompt emergency asphalt repairs for sinkholes and depressions.

Pro Seal Asphalt Maintenance: Drainage Experts in Central PA

Effective pavement drainage is crucial for maintaining resilient and long-lasting pavement surfaces. By following these tips, you’ll not only extend the life of your pavement but also ensure the safety and functionality of your outdoor spaces.

Contact us today to learn more about our concrete paving, grading, drain installation, and catch basin repair services and how we can help protect your property. We’re proud to protect roads, parking lots, and driveways in the Hershey, PA area!


Your driveway and parking lot are the “welcome mat” to your property providing both curb appeal and functionality. Maintain your investment with a scheduled program of sealcoating and crack filling. We can more than double the life cycle of your pavement. Fill out the form below or call for a quote today.




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