Got potholes in your commercial parking lot? Are potholes causing tire issues for the family car in your driveway? ProSeal Asphalt Maintenance is your go-to contractor for all types of asphalt repair needs, offering comprehensive solutions to address various pavement issues. One of our most effective repair techniques can fix these problems without requiring resurfacing or repaving–asphalt patching.

Whether it’s repairing potholes or restoring damaged surfaces, our experienced team ensures top-quality results to enhance the longevity and durability of your pavement.

Fixing Potholes & More: Asphalt Patching

Many people can get patch repairs and paving confused. Asphalt patching distinguishes itself from paving by focusing on repairing existing pavement. Enduring various stressors, from weather conditions to vehicular wear and tear, paved surfaces deteriorate over time. Patching offers a cost-effective solution to address these areas in need of repair.

This process involves removing damaged areas and filling them in with new asphalt. These methods effectively mend cracks and potholes, restoring the pavement’s integrity.

Patching: Cost-Effective Pothole Repair

Potholes, a common pavement nuisance, stem from various factors such as subpar installation, inadequate maintenance, prolonged exposure to environmental elements, and chemical damage. Typically, moisture intrusion into existing cracks exacerbates their size, leading to asphalt disintegration.

These road hazards pose risks to pedestrians and vehicles, underscoring the importance of prompt repairs. ProSeal offers cold, hot, and infrared techniques, effectively addressing parking lot potholes and ensuring safe, functional paved surfaces.

Trust ProSeal for Permanent Pothole Repairs with Asphalt Patching

Rely on ProSeal, serving the Hershey, PA area and beyond, for expert repair solutions customized to your PA property, whether residential or commercial. With proficiency in saw cutting, hot asphalt patching, and cutting-edge infrared techniques, we provide unparalleled repairs and maintenance services.

Don’t allow potholes and pavement damage to jeopardize safety and curb appeal! Reach out to us today for dependable solutions that guarantee your parking lot or driveway stays smooth, functional, and durable for years to come.


Your driveway and parking lot are the “welcome mat” to your property providing both curb appeal and functionality. Maintain your investment with a scheduled program of sealcoating and crack filling. We can more than double the life cycle of your pavement. Fill out the form below or call for a quote today.




We have a long list of happy clients, many of which we have had the pleasure of working with on various projects! Our clients are the lifeblood of our business, and we couldn’t thank them enough for trusting us in their asphalt needs.

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