Blacktop, asphalt concrete, pavement, tarmac–whatever you call it, this paving material requires professional installation. In central PA, Pro Seal Asphalt Maintenance is the contractor trusted for asphalt paving.

Learn how we install commercial parking lots, residential driveways, and municipal roadways in communities like Lancaster and Lebanon, PA.

Why Choose Asphalt Paving from ProSeal

Our journey as a paving company began with pavement maintenance in the early 2000s, and since then, we’ve become the area’s most trusted contractor for installing paved surfaces that benefit local businesses and residents.

Our Asphalt Paving Process

Being experts in maintenance means we know what factors make a paved area crack and break down. Our proven installation process is designed to limit these factors and produce a road or parking lot that can easily withstand weather and traffic. Here’s how.

1. Construction Site Preparation: The first step is always clearing vegetation and debris from the site, demolishing any existing pavement, and hauling away the debris for recycling. We then perform grading, a process that corrects the slope of the land for better water runoff.

2. Base Layer Installation: Next, we install a base layer, sometimes called a subbase or aggregate base, made of crushed concrete, gravel, and/or broken asphalt. We also grade this layer to keep everything dry.

3. Asphalt Paving – The actual installation is done in several layers, each with a slightly different makeup. The middle layer needs to be very strong, so it’s made with large gravel pieces and thick bitumen, the gooey dark black stuff that gives blacktop its color.

4. Surface Installation: The surface layer is obviously important since it’s the layer we drive and walk on. It’s made of a slightly thinner asphalt mix with finer aggregates like sand. We lay it hot and then compact and smooth the area with rolling machines once it’s cooled down a little.

5. Final Touches: Our asphalt paving crew doesn’t leave you high and dry once the job’s done. Not only do we take care to keep everything neat and tidy while we work, but we also clean up after we’re done, ensuring that your landscaping or other parts of your property look as good as your new parking lot.

Ongoing Pavement Care

If you sign up for an ongoing pavement maintenance plan with our team, we’ll keep your paved areas in good condition year-round. We can also restripe painted surfaces and perform repairs.

When it comes to blacktop installation, trust matters. Pro Seal is your go-to contractor in central PA, serving communities like Lancaster and Lebanon with top-notch asphalt paving services.

Pro Seal Asphalt: Paving Excellence in Central Pennsylvania

Our proven process ensures durable, weather-resistant surfaces that withstand the test of time and traffic. From meticulous site preparation to expert installation and ongoing maintenance, we’re committed to delivering excellence every step of the way.

Join countless satisfied customers who have experienced the difference with Pro Seal. Contact us today to learn more about our asphalt paving services and see why we’re the preferred choice in central Pennsylvania.


Your driveway and parking lot are the “welcome mat” to your property providing both curb appeal and functionality. Maintain your investment with a scheduled program of sealcoating and crack filling. We can more than double the life cycle of your pavement. Fill out the form below or call for a quote today.




We have a long list of happy clients, many of which we have had the pleasure of working with on various projects! Our clients are the lifeblood of our business, and we couldn’t thank them enough for trusting us in their asphalt needs.

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